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ESH Community is a fully residential safe and supported setting where residents are encouraged to explore and understand the underlying causes of their addictive behaviour, away from everyday distractions.

Professional and peer support helps to develop our resident's confidence, regain self esteem and self-belief to achieve an abstinent life with meaning and purpose, moving from dependence to independence.


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The community works in groups through a 7 day week structured program of recovery activities and all residents are required to actively participate.

We believe, and practice in, an holistic approach to recovery that addresses mental, physical and spiritual health and aspects of our recovery programme are tailored to each individual.

Our program includes.

  • Daily structured programme of education and awareness group activity sessions
  • Regular one-to-one counselling with our dedicated and experienced addiction counsellors
  • Introduction to the 12 step program of recovery and attendance at AA/NA fellowship meetings
  • Mindfulness and mediation
  • Daily therapeutic duties around the house, allotment and in the grounds
  • Gym, Yoga, swimming and sauna at the local centre
  • Regular acupuncture
  • Walking and other outdoor activities

There is also a range of support sessions from external organisations to assist with housing, debt, employment and benefit issues.

ncvo aps logoWe have a comprehensive aftercare program for residents, running regular groups supported by staff and mentors as part of our approved peer mentoring program.


Further Information

The Referrals Manager can be contacted on 01926 811 702 for more details about residential placements or alternatively send us a message using this Contact Us link.

Our Referral and Assessment Form can be downloaded from the website.

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