ESH Community takes referrals from service provider organisations nationwide, local authorities or direct from clients. Prospective residents can make a self referral to ESH Community or work with the staff from the local drug and alcohol support organisation who will have access to funding for the placement.

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All residents must be detoxed and be free from alcohol and any drugs other than acceptable prescribed medication at the time they are admitted to the community.

A referral and assessment form will need to be submitted. We will complete a pre-assessment based on the referral form.

If there are any questions we will clarify them over the phone and refer them to our consultant psychiatrist if required to ensure clients meet our criteria of health, mental capacity and medical requirements.

If the pre-assessment is acceptable we believe it is essential that potential residents have a face to face discussion at the rehab location to ensure they are comfortable with the type of support we provide.


The on-site assessment and location visit generally takes about an hour including a tour of the centre, an introduction to staff and peers and a discussion about expectations and needs.

We understand this can be an anxious process but our staff will make clients welcome and help reduce any concerns.

Family are also welcome to attend if desired, clients and their families are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed.

At the assessment, referring clients will be asked to sign a disclosure consent form so the referrals manager can carry out a risk assessment.

The assessment may involve obtaining medical information, any mental health reports and criminal justice history to enable our team to offer the best support package and work effectively with referring agencies. All information obtained will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Admission will then be subject to risk assessment, suitability, availability of beds and funding. At a minimum resident's must be mentally and physically capable of absorbing and participating in the regular activities of the treatment programme.

Assuming everything is satisfactory a letter offering a placement will be sent to the client with a copy to the service provider if they were involved.

We require a formal acceptance from the client so that we are able to reserve the place. 

The referrals manager will then liaise with agencies and relevant others to ensure a streamlined admission.

When a placement has been agreed we really want to start our support prior to admission so we will ask the client to keep in regular daily contact with us by phone so we can ensure everything is progressing satisfactorily up to the arrival date.




Further Information

The Referrals Manager can be contacted on 01926 811 702 for more details about residential placements or alternatively send us a message using our Contact Us form.

Our Referral and Assessment Form can be downloaded from the website.

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