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ESH Community is an independent not-for-profit organisation. We have low overhead costs, we don't need to make a profit so this enables us to offer our competitive prices without compromising the quality of service and the high standards that have achieved our on-going track record of success.

The minimum length of stay at our treatment centre is 28 days (4 weeks), anything less does not allow sufficient time for us to work with our residents to address the root cause of their addiction issues.

The cost of a fully inclusive private stay at our treatment centre for 4 weeks (28 days) including any medically assisted detox required is £5,975.

The cost after the initial 28 days is £975 per week.

"Before you commit to any other rehab give us a call so we can explain why we are the most competitive and successful."

If you compare the length of stays and our fully inclusive prices against other commercially driven rehabs you'll see we are one of the most competitive and we have incredibly high success rates for sustained recovery, which is what really matters!

All our dedicated staff have chosen to do what they do because they have a passion to help others in recovery.


ESH Community has an incredibly high success rate.

Measuring how many people complete their residential stay or placement is not a real measure of success, it's far more important to look at how long someone stays clean after residential treatment.

"Our key measurement of success is sustained recovery, which is basically the length of time ex-residents stay drug and alcohol free after completing our residential programme."

There is no evidence whatsoever that spending more money gives you a better result, in fact the inverse can sometimes apply if the rehab is simply a hotel style environment without a focussed programme of support and professional addiction counselling.

However, there is evidence that longer stays in treatment, with the right level of support from professionals who have lived experience of addiction does achieve better sustained recovery rates and it is the sustained recovery success rate that's key to forging new lives.


In the UK the cost and quality of drug and alcohol residential treatment varies tremendously depending on type of placement (fully or quasi-residential), the facilities provided and obviously the length of stay.

We pride ourselves on providing support which is second to none at a price which is competitive and gives our residents the best possible chance of their sustained recovery from addiction after leaving residential treatment.

If anyone should relapse, which can happen from time, we provide the essential ongoing support to get them back on track.

In our experience residential stays of 1-2 weeks are very unlikely to address any of the underlying emotional issues or root causes of someone's addiction behaviours. This is because for the majority of the time the resident may either be physically detoxing or in an highly sensitive emotional state which doesn't allow us to start productive counselling or group therapy sessions.


We support families and individuals with the facts so they can make informed decisions about the different treatment options available.

When considering other rehab options it is important to understand what is actually being provided, higher cost does not necessarily correlate to the recovery success rate.

"We can save you thousands of pounds by providing the most effective overall treatment that offers the best possible success of long term recovery from addiction."

We're confident that our residential treatment offers the best possible combination of length of stay, comprehensive treatment package and a proven track record of success at a competitive price that doesn't compromise the quality of our service.

Service Providers

For service providers and local authorities with the support of Public Health England (NHS) we are able to offer competitive prices at heavily discounted rates that will fit within most local authority budgets.


ESH Community Logo Residential v3 Transparent Medium WEBWe are an independent not-for-profit organisation supported by Public Health England (NHS) to establish and provide our leading edge addiction treatment services.

The organisation is not commercially driven so we are able to offer our drug and alcohol residential addiction treatment at competitive prices.

We have been providing drug and alcohol support for over a decade to people with addiction problems and their families.

Public Health England

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We work in partnership with Public Health England who have supported the organisation at a country level and also locally in Warwickshire to establish and deliver our leading residential treatment services.

We provide ongoing input to Public Health England at a country level to improve and develop addiction treatment services in the UK promoting our successful approach based on smaller localised recovery communities where residents are supported by professionals who have their own personal experience of addiction.

Warwickshire Pathways

warwickshire pathwaysWe are a local partner in the Warwickshire Pathways drug and alcohol framework of services working in partnership and alongside other local drug and alcohol organisations to provide our residential treatment and rehab support.

Other local organisations in the partnership are Change Grow Live (CGL) and Compass


In 2008 I was involved in a project looking at the quality of service provision for addicts and alcoholics in Coventry and Warwickshire. The conclusion of my mini-report back to the Drug and Alcohol Action Teams (DAATs) was that there was a lot of support available for people in addiction – but if it’d been a relay race, there were a lot of dropped batons (clients) when they were passed between organisations.

There was also a major shortfall in the support for family members, with nowhere to turn to for help and advice.

This motivated three of us in recovery to form ESH Works – which stands for Experience, Strength and Hope – a peer-led mutual support and user involvement organisation to support family members and help guide people through the complexities of recovery and the different services provided.

"There was a vision that one day we could run a totally peer-led professional residential rehab facility – not for any profit, but simply because it was the right thing to do."

We started in a small office in a local council ‘start-up’ enterprise hub, where we co-ordinated everything. When we first advertised the groups in some locations there would be no one there for the first month or more, until people started noticing the posters and leaflets that we’d dropped off at pharmacies and doctors surgeries.

I remember sitting in an empty room in at a community centre in Nuneaton one wet night, when two people came in. We’d been going to this room on the same night each week for nearly two months without anyone attending. We gave the couple a cuppa, talked through our experiences and the problems they were having with their son, and they went away saying we’d helped. As they continued to come back to our group we found out later that the husband was about to commit suicide the night they first came in, but had seen our leaflet that night in the doctor’s surgery and diverted to our group. That night changed his life and ours! They continued to attend the groups and volunteered with us for many years.

As this family support developed we had a moment of clarity and decided we should include an ex addict volunteer in long term recovery in each of our family groups. This was a revelation for our family members – they had a ‘tame addict’ to fire questions at, who didn’t pull the steel shutters down when asked about addiction. This approach is now recognised around the country as good practice, providing the volunteer is supported well in their own recovery so they’re not put at risk of the family discussions opening old wounds.

As a service user involvement organisation we also assisted in writing the service specification for Warwickshire’s new ‘integrated’ drug and alcohol services – and we stressed that the service had to be integrated to stop the ‘baton dropping’.

"We also suggested quite strongly that any service user involvement and peer led support should be outside the mainstream service to give it independence, credibility and a separate voice."

Winning a service user involvement contract gave us a little more stability in terms of regular income, and we took on staff to manage groups in four locations around the county.As our peer support activity continued to grow, we had to demonstrate that we were more than just a group of people in recovery helping each other. We needed to show that we kept our volunteers and staff safe, that we educated them and we looked after them. We looked around and decided to set up a formal peer mentoring programme based on the structured Mentoring and Befriending Foundation’s Approved Provider Standard (APS). It took about six months of hard work to pass the assessment, but we’ve been an approved provider for quite a few years now.

In 2013 Public Health England (NHS) were looking to expand residential treatment options and were offering funding to established organisations with a track record to establish residential support facilities. We won a capital grant to assist with the purchase a ‘clean house’. We took out a commercial loan with the bank and funded half ourselves, and we established the house alongside running our peer support activities in Warwickshire. The way we operated in the community was with structured day programmes in different locations around Warwickshire, including the family support.

The following year our user involvement contract was extended and we were secure for another couple of years.

In 2015 things started to move faster when we applied for another Public Health England (NHS) grant which again was targeting residential peer-led rehab projects – an absolute hand in glove situation for us. We already had the leading edge model of a small peer led facility designed support local residents and their families. When we were advised we’d been successful in the grant application our concept of opening a rehab wholly supported and managed by people in recovery was then very real.

It took six months of focussed effort to find the right location away from everyday distractions and then a further year to extend and refurbish the premises.

In 2017 we relinquished our community support responsibilities and moved the organisation along with all our experienced staff to the new location to operate the current rehab facility.

"Recovery is all about change for the person in addiction, and by assisting the families to understand and deal with their loved one's changing approach to life, we actually support their sustained recovery."

Our ESH Community structured residential treatment programme now incorporates 12-step awareness, physical activities, meditation, mindfulness, anger management and professional counselling sessions. We have also incorporated our established family education and awareness programme, which includes Adfam’s step approach.

We’ve moved a long way from starting as a small peer-led support organisation to operating an incredibly successful residential rehab – and I'm even more proud to say that it's all been achieved by people who themselves are in recovery.

Paul Urmston

CEO - ESH Works

Partners and Support

Recovery from the problems of alcohol, drugs and addiction is not something you can do alone, it's something that requires support from others, it's a problem that the whole community can support and help with.

We're NOT commercial, we're small, we care and our professional staff get people well!

Trusted partnerships with people and organisations

CQC ratedOur service is Care Quality Commision rated and we work in partnership with other service providers countrywide to help us provide the best possible service for our residents, their families and friends.

Click for our latest CQC report which rated us GOOD in all categories...

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We are based in Warwickshire and are an integral part of Warwickshire's Pathways Drug and Alcohol Services providing the residential rehab and treatment support.

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We were also awarded a capital grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner of Warwickshire to incorporate a dedicated counselling and support annex in the centre.



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We received grant funding from the National Lottery Reaching Communities scheme to support the project during the first two years.




phe logoOur ESH Community project has been supported by Public Health England at a local and country level with capital grant awards.





Other community organisations, market leading brands and smaller local companies have also made the ESH Community residential rehab project possible by providing donations in kind of goods, services or giving significant discounts.

Tesco, Carpetright, Western Power, Bluebell Blinds, Bensons for Beds, Rotary Club of Stratford upon Avon, Rohan and Renault Leicester are just some of the organisations but there are several others who gave significant contributions who wanted to remain anonymous.

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Coventry and Warwickshire Co-operative Development Agency (CWCDA) are supporting the project by providing employment advice and guidance to the resisidents under the Accelerate programme with a focus on self emplyment.

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We have been awarded the NCVO Approved Provider Standard (APS) for our peer led Mentoring Project and this support is available to all residents to support them on a one to one basic to help them maintain their recovery when they leave the treatment centre.


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