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ESH Community is a safe and supported fully residential addiction treatment centre set in the Heart of England's Warwickshire countryside away from everyday distractions.

The holiday period and the New Year can be a difficult time for addicts and families ...we have a solution!

The management of alcohol addiction is complex. The initial treatment would typically require a period in a fully residential rehab to enable a safe medically assisted detox followed by intensive psychotherapy. The therapy process would address the root causes of a person’s addictive behaviours. Continued therapy would then maintain their wellbeing/recovery. Following residential rehab, it is essential that they are supported with on-going aftercare.

"We recognise that addiction is influenced by people’s life experiences. The treatment we offer for people suffering with alcohol addiction issues is personalised to accommodate their unique circumstances and needs."

Our treatment centre was purposely established as a small recovery community with treatment and accommodation in the same location. Our programme is designed to be personal and we focus on a smaller number of residents. This enables us to provide the best possible therapy and support. Our team of professional staff and therapists/counsellors are able to offer the optimal personal and dedicated time for each and every resident.

Each resident undertakes all of the core and extended activities of the treatment programme in the house or within its large, peaceful gardens. Residents and staff enjoy eating all meals together.

The accommodation is currently male only.

All admissions and detox are supervised by our specialist Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist.

Our team of professional staff support and monitor residents 24/7. This ensures that the medically assisted detox is effective and safe.

As residents progress through their detox they start to participate in our rehab programme of education and psychotherapy (individual and group). Each resident will have a regular 1-2-1 therapy sessions with our experienced, professional addiction counsellors. The group sessions and individual therapy encourage the residents to explore and understand the underlying root causes of their addictive behaviour.

Aftercare for our residents following completion of their placement is essential and is included in the overall treatment package. Our aftercare incorporates follow-up 1-2-1 counselling sessions, telephone support and regular aftercare groups supported by professional staff. 

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