Karl's Story

Journey to Recovery

Before taking up a position as a client in ESH I had a constant battle with alcohol addiction.

I was using this to counter act my emotions and feelings due to mentally feeling unwell in every way. I had seen a doctor who had prescribed me antidepressants and wanted me to reduce my alcohol drinking.

I had in the past been happily married and had all the good things life could offer me. I had a home, a job, 2 kids, cars etc and was drinking but not too heavy at first just a social drinker. That very soon changed and so with it life was going wrong, I felt isolated lonely and I had begun to hate myself very much. But I had convinced myself I was ok and it was the others at fault and I could fix this myself.

In 2014 I was convicted of drink driving and life started to fall apart for me. I lost the big home and the cars and was faced with losing my wife and kids. I was a mess, but found I was drinking more and more and although I was using outside advisory groups to get help, I still felt I could solve it myself.

It took a long time for me to get a bit of control back in my life in all aspects and hey, I thought that I was on the road I needed to be on and was moving forward. I had met a new partner and life was not too bad, I had admitted I had a drink problem but that I could control it.

Over the coming months the drinking was creeping back in as I was using it to fix all the problems that had not gone,  but become worse and harder to deal with. I was still in my kid’s life, had a nice home with my partner, why was this going on again? I was a broken man, I was stealing money off my partner to fund my habit and rightfully so she was getting more concerned as I was killing myself slowly.

After a very bad day at work and home I went out on a mad session and all went out the window. It wasn’t great, I was drinking even though I didn’t  want to,  I could not stop myself it was like being on the outside of my life.  The next morning I woke up hating myself and the world.  That’s where ESH came in. My partner encouraged me to call and look at help, I could not solve this I had to admit I was beaten.

I meet with Paul and Sue at ESH and had a chat about my ways and was made to feel welcome and assured we had all been there and that there was a way out if I wanted it. They were very nice and I decided to book my stay in this amazing rehab.

On arrival I was greeted like a family member and they explained in full what was going to happen. I would be  detoxed and supported in every way possible. Nothing was too hard for this team at ESH they had my best interest at heart and included me on a program to show me I can be drink free and be happy with life and actually  have a better life than I had before. All the staff at ESH took their time to show me and save me from what I had become and I thank them with all my heart for the hard work that they did and continue to do for people like me in a place of addiction. 

I have found a family for life and made some great friends. 

I have a great life, now all I need to do is keep working the steps I have been shown.

I wish all love, peace and serenity and that chance to find what I found with the help of this amazing place.