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Alcohol Treatment Rehab in Warwickshire

ESH Community is a safe and supported fully residential alcohol addiction treatment centre set in the Heart of England's Warwickshire countryside away from everyday distractions.

We're NOT commercial, we're small, we care and our experienced professional staff get people well!

The management of alcohol addiction is complex. The initial alcohol treatment at our rehab in Warwickshire would typically require a period in a fully residential rehab to enable a safe medically assisted alcohol detox followed by intensive psychotherapy. The therapy process would address the root causes of a person’s addictive behaviours. Continued therapy would then maintain their wellbeing/recovery. Following residential rehab, it is essential that they are supported with on-going alcohol aftercare.

"We recognise that alcohol addiction is influenced by people’s life experiences. The alcohol treatment we offer for people suffering with alcohol addiction issues is personalised to accommodate their unique circumstances and needs."

Our addiction treatment centre was purposely established as a small recovery community with treatment and accommodation in the same location. Our programme is designed to be personal and we focus on a smaller number of residents. This enables us to provide the best possible therapy and support. Our team of professional staff and therapists/counsellors are able to offer the optimal personal and dedicated time for each and every resident.

Each resident undertakes all the core and extended activities of the alcohol treatment programme in the house or within its large, peaceful gardens at our rehab in Warwickshire. Residents and staff enjoy eating all meals together.

The accommodation is currently male only.

All admissions and alcohol detox are supervised by our specialist Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist.

Our team of professional staff support and monitor residents 24/7. This ensures that the medically assisted detox is effective and safe.

As residents progress through their detox they start to participate in our alcohol rehab programme of education and psychotherapy (individual and group). Each resident will have regular 1-2-1 therapy sessions with our experienced, professional addiction counsellors. The group sessions and individual therapy encourage the residents to explore and understand the underlying root causes of their alcohol addiction and addictive behaviour.

Aftercare for our residents following completion of their placement is essential and is included in the overall alcohol treatment package. Our aftercare incorporates follow-up 1-2-1 counselling sessions, telephone support and regular aftercare groups supported by professional staff. 

Alcohol Detox Rehab in Warwickshire

Most people who are drinking alcohol daily (or on most days) will experience some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal when they stop drinking (Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome). Less serious alcohol withdrawal symptoms include sweating, shaking, nausea, diarrhoea; and anxiety, restlessness and difficulty sleeping.

Withdrawal symptoms occur because the body has become dependent on the sedative effects of alcohol.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be very unpleasant- which leads to craving- and then to ‘relief drinking’

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can also be dangerous.

More serious alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Alcoholic hallucinosis- hearing your name or music, seeing mice/rats running around, or spiders. These experiences tend to be very disturbing.
  • Withdrawal seizures- these are very serious and can be fatal.
  • Alcohol withdrawal delirium (Delirium Tremens or DTs)- in this state the person is confused, disorientated, agitated and often fearful and aggressive.

During the pre-admission risk assessment prior to admission at our rehab in Warwickshire any medical risks are considered along with an individual’s suitability for our overall alcohol treatment programme. The pre-admission assessment ensures that all necessary medications are immediately available on admission.

Medically Assisted Alcohol Detoxification ‘Alcohol detox’

For someone who is Alcohol Dependent and at risk of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome the safest and quickest way to stop drinking is with a Medically Assisted Alcohol Detoxification ‘alcohol detox’.

During an ‘alcohol detox’ a strong, sedative medication Diazepam is given 4-5 x daily to prevent the Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. The Diazepam will also stop any anxiety symptoms and ensure sleep.

On admission, Diazepam is given immediately when alcohol withdrawal symptoms start. More Diazepam is then given (every hour if needed) to ensure that the alcohol withdrawal symptoms are well controlled. Diazepam is then given 4x daily for 7-8 days. Extra doses of Diazepam can be given if there is difficulty sleeping.

Diazepam is a very effective medication which works almost immediately; and is recommended by the NICE Guidelines.

The rehab's team of professional staff at our rehab in Warwickshire support and monitor residents 24/7 safely though any medically assisted alcohol detox minimising any drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

‘Alcohol detox’ is only the initial stage in the alcohol treatment of Alcoholism and Alcohol Use Disorders. Following the ‘alcohol detox’ it is essential that residents engage fully with the residential rehab programme. This will identify underlying emotional issues which caused the continued drinking.

Most importantly, the residential rehab's alcohol treatment programme will give you a plan for a happy, healthy alcohol-free life.

Alcohol Rehab in Warwickshire

A period of rehabilitation after detoxification is essential to address under lying physiological issues that are at the root of the compulsive behaviour, this rehabilitaion is an important component of the overall alcohol treatment programme.

During their alcohol rehab placement our residents are helped to explore their feelings and emotions, patterns of negative thinking and their day to day relationships with others, all of which may have contributed to the addictive behaviours.

"Before you commit to any other drug or alcohol rehab give us a call so we can explain why we are the most competitive and successful alcohol treatment centre."

Our recovery programme at our alcohol rehab in Warwickshire addresses the emotional issues and symptoms associated with addictive behaviours including, isolation, stress, anxiety, depression, anger and low self-esteem.

old new small light rounded featheredOur professional support helps to develop our resident's confidence, regain self-esteem and self-belief to achieve an abstinent life with meaning and purpose, moving from dependence to independence.

The community works in groups through a 7 day week structured programme of recovery activities, all residents are required to actively participate.

We believe in a holistic approach to recovery which addresses mental, physical and spiritual health.

Our alcohol treatment programme is client focussed and resident's recovery plans are jointly reviewed and agreed to meet their differing needs.

The programme includes:-



  • Daily structured programme of education and awareness group activity sessions including; effects of alcohol and drugs, gambling, relapse prevention, looking at change, self awareness, understanding anxiety, stress, depression, health and nutrition
  • Regular one-to-one psychodynamic counselling with our experienced addiction counsellors
  • Introduction to the 12 step programme of recovery and attendance at AA/NA/GA and other fellowship meetings
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Daily therapeutic duties around the house, allotment and in the grounds
  • Professionally managed weekly Yoga and Tai Chi sessions on site at our location
  • Weekly cardio exercise classes with professional instructor to help residents regain their fitness
  • Specialist auricular acupuncture for detox and addiction
  • Walking and other outdoor activities

At our alcohol rehab in Warwickshire staff are on-site 24/7 and residents are always escorted by staff members when they are off-site away from the treatment centre.

To support residents and improve their overall health and wellbeing our meals are freshly prepared and cooked on site by our dedicated catering staff.

There is also a range of support available from external specialist organisations to assist with housing, debt, employment and benefit issues if required.

Alcohol Aftercare Rehab in Warwickshire

Sustainability is vital and we provide the essential ongoing alcohol aftercare support to achieve that.

There are many many people who manage to stop drinking, gambling or using drugs for periods, sometimes long periods of time. The problem isn't the stopping, it's staying stopped that is the issue. Alcohol addiction is a progressive illness. It never gets better. Unless addressed it just gets worse.

"Alcohol aftercare for our residents when they complete their placement is essential and our on-going comprehensive alcohol aftercare support is included with all our alcohol treatment placements."

The key measurement of our success is sustained recovery, which is basically the length of time ex-residents stay drug and alcohol free after completing the alcohol treatment programme at our residential rehab in Warwickshire.

Our alcohol aftercare incorporates follow-up 1-2-1 counselling sessions, telephone support and regular on-going drug and alcohol aftercare groups supported by staff and other previous residents who also attend.

There is also the opportunity to join current residents and staff at external meetings which they regularly attend.

We are people who have experienced the horrors and terrors of addiction first-hand, so we have a practical understanding of alcohol addiction and addictive behaviours, we treat it as an illness, it is NOT a weakness.

"When residents complete their placement at our residential rehab in Warwickshire they become part of the ESH Community wider recovery network with the on-going mutual support of our other previous residents who pass on practical experience and support each other in recovery."

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