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Family member support is an essential component of our residential treatment programme. The support and on-going aftercare we provide for families is included in the cost of all placements.

The family support is private and confidential and integral to the overall programme of recovery for the person with the addiction problem.

We're NOT commercial, we're small, we care and our professional staff get people well!

We start to support families from the very first contact they have with us, to address any questions they may have about addiction, the behaviours of someone in addiction and to provide guidance to identify the best and most effective course of action for the whole family and the person in addiction.

Our programme of support and aftercare was designed by professionals who themselves have lived personal experience of addiction and who understand what is required to achieve a successful recovery.

"Recovery is all about change, so while your loved one is being supported through that process of change we believe it’s essential that families are also supported and we do that."

Our family education programme will enable you to understand addiction and help you to identify the most appropriate ways to deal with your loved one when they have completed their treatment.

We understand that addiction can destroy families and affects everyone close to the person including parents, siblings, partners, spouses and particularly any children involved who can suffer longer term impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

We also understand the stigma, isolation and the guilt that family members can carry associated with drug and alcohol addiction in the family.

We know it's difficult to open up and talk to anyone about the problems you are facing so we support you to explore your circumstances in a safe environment.

"Family members can sometimes feel helpless especially when someone they love is destroying their life. However, family members can have a positive effect if they receive the right support and guidance."

We have been supporting family members of people with addiction problems for over 10 years and we totally understand the issues it raises in families and what is required for families to rebuild their relationships and trust.

Our Family Support provides the information, education, awareness and ongoing aftercare to support families throughout their loved one’s treatment journey.

We also advise families on how to get additional support for themselves.

Family Support Southam covering Rugby & Daventry

We support families and individuals providing the real facts about addiction and recovery so they can make informed decisions about the different treatment options available.

For families we provide general advice and guidance about how to approach a loved with a problem who is perhaps still in denial.

When considering other rehab options it is important to understand what is actually being provided, higher cost does not necessarily correlate to the recovery success rate.

"We can save you thousands of pounds by providing the most effective overall treatment that offers the best possible success of long term recovery from addiction."

When the person with the problem has made a decision to tackle their issues and perhaps agrees to come for an initial pre-admission visit to the rehab we encourage families to attend with them. We want to answer any questions that you or your loved one may have to allay any concerns or fears.

When a loved one is admitted to ESH Community we maintain regular contact with the designated family members keeping them informed of the progress.

The support we provide for families and close friends is just as important to us as the support we give to the person with the addiction problem.

Our dedicated family support manager and admissions staff will ensure families are fully engaged during the residential treatment and supported during the aftercare.

Regular phone calls and visits are arranged between family members and loved ones to start the process of rebuilding relationships.

We provide Family Education and awareness sessions during the course of your loved one's residential placements.

Family Education Southam covering Rugby & Daventry

Our family education is provided at a separate location away from the residential facility but in parallel to the residential rehab placements.

This education is really important so we can provide the whole family with a better understanding and awareness of addiction which also then gives the person with the addiction problem the best possible chance of a successful on-going recovery.

"When a family member or friend is able and confident to provide the correct support and encouragement to an addict or alcoholic it can have a significant and incredible effect in assisting them in their recovery."

The support and education we offer can help remove the feeling of isolation and give families the opportunity to ask questions about addiction, addiction treatment and recovery.

The sessions also enable families to explore their own circumstances in a safe place and provide them with the insight and skills to support themselves and their loved one’s sustained recovery when they leave our residential treatment centre.

The family education sessions include:

• Working Together
• What is Addiction
• Rehab Treatment Programme
• Aftercare and Recovery

Our sessions are delivered by people who have their own personal experience of family members in addiction and recovery.

The sessions will address any questions about addiction, addictive behaviours and also suggest ways to approach aftercare and sustained recovery for the benefit of both the family members and the person in recovery.

Family Aftercare Southam covering Rugby & Daventry

Aftercare for residents and for the families is so important and it's one of the key sessions of the family education programme.

We give families information about the suggested support available for residents when they leave ESH Community, we outline what families can expect, what on-going Family Aftercare support we provide and how best families can support their loved ones in recovery.

When your loved one has decided to address their addiction problems they have made a big decision to look at themselves and their behaviours and to try to change.

We provide the environment where residents can learn about themselves and their emotions in a safe place and identify what needs to change.

When they leave our residential treatment with this new found knowledge and awareness they will need to practice this new approach to life.

We support both the person with the addiction problem and the families during this aftercare process.

"This on-going aftercare support and guidance we provide for families has an incredible impact on the recovery success rate of our residents which is currently second to none."

Recovery from addiction is on-going, the principles of recovery that we give to our residents need to be practiced on a daily basis. Although it may seem selfish, when people leave residential treatment they need to focus on themselves and what they have learned, they must place their recovery from addiction first in order to maintain their wellbeing.

We understand that families will feel apprehensive when their loved one returns home or back into a family environment and that’s totally understandable, there will still be the fear of relapse in the initial months after leaving treatment.

"If family members have any worries or concerns or are simply wondering what approach to take if an issue arises we provide ongoing telephone support."

Families need time to adjust and it’s so difficult to not over protect your loved one, they will need time to establish their own approach to living free of alcohol or drugs practicing their new teachings, so they need space to do this.

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