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Drug Addiction Rehab in Warwickshire

ESH Community is a safe and supported fully residential drug addiction treatment centre set in the Heart of England's Warwickshire countryside away from everyday distractions.

We're NOT commercial, we're small, we care and our experienced professional staff get people well!

The management of drug addiction is complex. The initial drug treatment at our rehab in Warwickshire would typically require a period in a fully residential rehab to enable a safe medically assisted drug detox followed by intensive psychotherapy. The therapy process would address the root causes of a person’s addictive behaviours. Continued therapy would then maintain their wellbeing/recovery. Following residential rehab, it is essential that they are supported with on-going drug aftercare.

"We recognise that drug addiction is influenced by people’s life experiences. The drug treatment we offer for people suffering with drug addiction issues is personalised to accommodate their unique circumstances and needs."

Our addiction treatment centre was purposely established as a small recovery community with treatment and accommodation in the same location. Our programme is designed to be personal and we focus on a smaller number of residents. This enables us to provide the best possible therapy and support. Our team of professional staff and therapists/counsellors are able to offer the optimal personal and dedicated time for each and every resident.

Each resident undertakes all the core and extended activities of the drug treatment programme in the house or within its large, peaceful gardens at our rehab in Warwickshire. Residents and staff enjoy eating all meals together.

The accommodation is currently male only.

All admissions and drug detox are supervised by our specialist Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist.

Our team of professional staff support and monitor residents 24/7. This ensures that the medically assisted detox is effective and safe.

As residents progress through their detox they start to participate in our drug rehab programme of education and psychotherapy (individual and group). Each resident will have regular 1-2-1 therapy sessions with our experienced, professional addiction counsellors. The group sessions and individual therapy encourage the residents to explore and understand the underlying root causes of their drug addiction and addictive behaviour.

Aftercare for our residents following completion of their placement is essential and is included in the overall drug treatment package. Our aftercare incorporates follow-up 1-2-1 counselling sessions, telephone support and regular aftercare groups supported by professional staff. 

Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Cannabis is typically used in the form of high potency ‘skunk’ weed. The main psychoactive chemical of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The THC content of ‘skunk’ weed is 15% or higher; compared with a THC content of 4-8% in the cannabis used before the 80s.

‘Skunk’ weed causes similar effects to cannabis, although they can come on more quickly and are much stronger. Some of the effects include intoxication, relaxation, alteration of time and perception, talkativeness, "the munchies", nervousness, anxiety and ‘paranoia’. High potency ‘skunk’ weed is also associated with an increased risk of psychosis.

Cannabis use and abuse can have a particularly negative effect on a person's life if used from a young age (starting under the age of 14) and with heavy, daily use.

Discontinuing the use of cannabis is difficult for some users and we provide a safe and supportive environment to stop cannabis use.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. Regular cocaine users will experience both a psychological and physical addiction. Cocaine withdrawals are characterised by acute dysphoria, irritability/anxiety, increased desire for sleep and exhaustion. Increasing craving to use, poor concentration, irritability and lethargy can persist for several weeks.

Cocaine is a powerful, psychoactive stimulant. It causes a massive release of Dopamine- the ‘pleasure chemical’. Its effects are intense, but they last for only 30-40 minutes. As the euphoria and energy fade, the person is then left tired and feeling low, which then triggers intense cravings.

Cocaine is typically used repeatedly. Large quantities can be used in a binge- lasting hours or even days. This repeated use over time can lead to dependence/addiction..

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Regular Heroin use can lead to a physical and psychological dependence. People using Heroin develop a tolerance to the drug.  They have to use larger amounts over time to get the same effect. A daily Heroin user will experience marked withdrawals if the drug is stopped suddenly.

Heroin withdrawals are best managed with a medically assisted opiate detox. A combination of a strong opiate and Benzodiazepine medication is given 4-5x daily over the course of 10-14 days to manage Heroin withdrawals.

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