Addiction Help and Support

If you think you have an addiction problem, or are concerned about a loved one, please contact us to discuss your circumstances or your loved one’s needs.

We offer a free confidential addiction health review, with no obligation.

Our recovery programme addresses issues around addiction which include drugs and alcohol, gambling, social media, stress, anxiety, depression, anger and low self esteem.

"We identify the root cause of the addiction issues and the long term solution".

All calls are in complete confidence and we're available 24/7 for advice and support.

Call us on 01926 811702 or alternatively e-mail us using our Contact Us form.

We are an organisational member of British Association of Counselling Professionals (BACP) and our specialist addiction counsellors are Registered Members MBACP


Care Quality Commission

CQC ratedCQC rated ESH Community as GOOD because:

•  There were good systems in place to keep clients safe during detoxification and recovery. Staff were skilled at observing, monitoring, recording and being alert to the health and well-being of clients.

•  The environment was safe and therapeutic. The service used new technology to support safe unobtrusive monitoring of clients undertaking detoxification.

•  The service was effective in ensuring recovery, both during and after a client’s admission. A major part of this was involving clients in frequent activities and therapies, both inside the service and out in the wider community. It helped to build clients’ resilience by involving families and carers and supporting them to develop new networks.

•  All staff worked together well, were open and transparent and communicated effectively.

•  The service was well-led by an experienced and ‘hands on’ management team, always available to advise and support.


Our Approach

We are a drug and alcohol residential treatment centre, so if you have a problem with addiction we can help. Our approach is based on a therapeutic community model of treatment and rehabilitation where residents stay and live at our small residential community, with placements ranging from 4 to 12 weeks depending on an individual's detox and rehab requirements.

Everyone at ESH Community has their own personal experience of addiction. We absolutely know what we're talking about. Not because we've been taught it, but through our own experience. We understand the feelings that addicts have and we understand how difficult it is to start recovery and take control of your life. Although it may seem this is a mountain to climb we know how to make the ascent less steep.

old new small light rounded featheredWe are passionate about our own recovery and we are equally as passionate about yours. We work tirelessly to promote and renew the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of everyone who comes to us for help.

We understand addiction. We understand cross-addiction. We understand relapse. But, most importantly, we understand what is required to maintain an abstinence-based sustained recovery.

Our goal is to encourage psychological and lifestyle changes to enable people to maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. The treatment approach is based on professional and peer support. Residents are expected to contribute to the residential community and to their own recovery by actively participating in educational activities, group sessions, therapeutic duties and regular individual counselling therapy.

It's well recognised that peer-led recovery offers the best chance of regaining, and sustaining, a life free of alcohol, drugs and other addictions. Sustainability is vital. There are many many people who manage to stop drinking, gambling or using drugs for periods, sometimes long periods of time. The problem isn't the stopping, it's staying stopped that is the issue. Addiction is a progressive illness. It never gets better. Unless addressed it just gets worse.

We are people who have experienced the horrors and terrors of addiction first-hand, so we have a practical understanding of addiction as an illness, it is NOT a weakness.

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